Blackjack Tournaments: How do they Work?

Blackjack Tournaments: How do they Work?

You may be interested to learn that there are a number of casino sites both online and land based casinos that offer some form of blackjack tournaments from time to time, however you will find they are structured quite differently than for example any slot game tournament you may have entered before.

The most basic type of blackjack tournament will be one whereby all of the entrants registered to take part in one will then be allocated with a set number of tournament chips and will then play a set number of hands and the player or players who finish off with the highest number of chips at the end of the tournament will then be deemed to be the winners and will each pick up one of the cash prizes on offer on that tournament.

However, you may come across some blackjack tournaments which have a huge number of entrants taking part and the aim of those tournaments will be that you have to beat all of the players playing on the table you have been allocated by amassing the highest number of chips, and when you do you then progress through to the next stage and play against all of the players who beat the players on their respective table.

These multi stage games will keep on playing off stage by stage until there comes a time when there is just a small number of players left and those players will then take their chances around one final blackjack table where all of the cash prizes will be allocated to those players based on their final finishing position.

In fact those multi stage blackjack tournaments are found in many online casino sites as well as land based casinos as there are always a lot of entrants taking part in them and as such the multi stage tournaments are the best ones to handle and accommodate such highly subscribed tournaments.

You may also find some casino sites are offering a sit and go structured blackjack tournament or set of tournaments, those tournaments will have just a small number of positions available and as such as soon as the required number of blackjack players have registered to take part in one of them those tournaments will begin straight away.

The sit and go blackjack tournaments offer you much better winning odds due to the simple fact there are only a tiny number of other entrants taking part. You may also find a small number of casinos offering what are known as head to head blackjack tournaments.

When you register to take part in these types of blackjack tournaments there will only be you and one other player taking part in them and as such you need to beat the other players score to win the cash prize on offer. It is worth noting that the cash prizes available on these types of blackjack tournaments are only going to be the entry fee that you and the other player paid to enter the tournament less a small house commission and as such the prizes on offer are very modest indeed.

However, as you have a 50/50 chance of winning one of them they are going to give you an even money chance of beating the other player so you actual winning odds are much greater when you enter a head to head blackjack tournament.

Blackjack Tournament Strategies

When you do decide to play in a blackjack tournament you will often find that many of the fellow entrants in that tournament will throw out the usual blackjack playing strategy for the variants offered on the tournament and will simply opt to play a boom or bust playing strategy.

When you come across one or more of these players you will notice that they will play the maximum amount of chips on each hand they play, and they will be doing so as blackjack tournaments are usually structured in such a way that you have only a limited number of hands to play and they will therefore be hoping that luck is on their side and they win each hand.

However, basic playing strategy is probably always the best way to play blackjack whether you are playing in a tournament or sat around any casinos real money standard blackjack tables. However, there are going to be many instances when those high risk players do beat the odds.

But keep in mind that on multi stage tournaments you are probably going to be better off playing sensible stake amounts of each hand that is dealt out to you whilst also always adhering to the perfect strategy of that variant, as over time you will find you get many more winning hands dealt out to you that those high risk players do, more so when they are playing off their initial two card hand.

Comp Points Based Blackjack Tournaments

As some online casinos do not have the structure to offer standard blackjack tournaments, namely those casinos offering no download instant play casino games you will often find those casinos have slightly different blackjack tournaments on offer from time to time.

These types of blackjack tournaments will be offered to their players will see a set of prizes will be on offer to the player or players who manage to score the highest number of comp points over a given time period which is usual 24 hours or over a weekend.

However, it will be always the case that those players playing at such a casino site offering these types of blackjack tournaments that play for high stake amounts are going to be the ones who tend to pick up the prizes on offer, as the high stakes they are playing or will mean they are going to be awarded the most comp points.

So as a general rule if you are a low stake blackjack player then you are going to be better of looking for casinos offering the low cost or free to enter multi stage blackjack tournaments.