Blackjack Playing Hints and Tips

Blackjack Playing Hints and Tips

There are quite a number of valuable blackjack playing tips that we are more than happy to pass onto you, and below we have put together all of the worth knowing playing tips that will help you to play online blackjack games in the most optimal way.

As you are now probably aware, more so if you have been looking through our website, there are lots of different blackjack game variants on offer, you will find single hand games, multi hand games, blackjack variants offering bonus side bets and even a few blackjack games on which you can win a progressive jackpot.

However, the only way that you will stand a much increased chance of winning, is by you locating the variant which when played optimally and strategically will give you the lowest long term house edge. Then you will need to play every hand perfectly and never make any playing or staking errors when playing that game to be in with a chance of being dealt out plenty of winning hands.

With that in mind keep on reading and make a note of all of the following playing hints and tips, for by doing so you will never be at the wrong side of the house edge if you play a fairly large amount of base hands and every hand you are dealt is played off in the best way.

Playing with a Bonus – Taking a bonus from any online casino site you have chosen to play at is going to extend the amount of play time you have at that site. But be warned when playing any form of blackjack game if allowed by the terms and conditions of that bonus will then see you being forced to play through your bonus funds and usually the amount of cash you deposited to claim that bonus a huge number of times.

The play through requirements will have been structured in such a way that the casino you are playing at will still have a house edge over you and as such you need to think carefully about claiming a bonus as the play through requirements could see losing any winnings you may have achieved in the early stages of your gaming session. Most online and mobile blackjack players tend not to accept a bonus to avoid them being forced to have to place high volumes of wagers before they ever get a chance of cashing their winnings out.

Bonus Payouts – Never be attracted to play any blackjack game by the size of the winning payouts attached to that game, for example you may come across a progressive blackjack game on which a huge and ever growing jackpot paying hand combination can be dealt out to you or you could come across a blackjack game that offers bonus winning payouts when your initial hand is one of several listed on the pay table of that game.

Those types of blackjack games will tend to have a bonus side bet requirements which will see you being forced to pay an additional wager on top of your base game stake amount to have a chance of winning those bonus winning payouts.

But those side bets come at a price and that is a high house edge, so even though you could win big via those bonus payouts the house edge of those bets will see your bankroll being eaten away much quicker and you will have no fun or enjoyment out of playing such a game if you lose your bankroll too quickly.

In fact playing any blackjack game that will increase the house edge is a game to be avoided, so never play any type of blackjack game variant which offers a bonus side bet option.

Blackjack Variants – With so many different blackjack game variants on offer you are going to have to spend some time researching just which games offer you the lowest house edge. No blackjack player should play any other blackjack game offered at an online casino site if that blackjack game has a high house edge.

In fact you should only play the blackjack game variant which has the very lowest house edge, and with that in mind please do have a look through each of our blackjack game reviews, for within those reviews you will find out just how low or how high the house edge is on each of those blackjack games, so locating the lowest house edge game will be easy once you are armed with the knowledge.

Perfect Strategy – You are going to have to learn how to play the lowest house edge blackjack game perfectly if you are going to have any chance of winning when playing blackjack online, and to assist you in being able to know how to play off every hand that has been dealt out to you we have blackjack strategy cards displayed throughout this website.

Once you have found a blackjack game offering you the lowest house edge then simply follow the playing moves displayed on those cards one each hand has been dealt out to you and by doing so you are never going to make any strategic playing errors.

Staking – You will have lots of different ways of staking each hand that is dealt out to you, and as such you will need to be prepared to plan just what type of real money blackjack playing session you want when logged into any online casino site.

If you are looking for a long blackjack playing session then the lower you stake each hand the better, but should you be seeking something of a high risk playing session then be prepared to play for fairly high stakes in relation to your available bankroll. However you do decide to play we wish you the best of luck and remember you can now also play live dealer blackjack game online and on some mobile devices if you wish to play blackjack games which are in play in a land based casino but remotely from wherever you are.