Online Blackjack Games from Chartwell

Online Blackjack Games from Chartwell

We are chosen to present to each of our website visitors each and every online Blackjack game variant which can be found at any online casino sites. With this in mind in this section of our large range of Online Blackjack Game Variants guides you will find a complete breakdown of each of the online Blackjack games that you are going to be able to access and play when logged into a casino site using the Chartwell designed gaming platforms and suite of casino games.

Be aware that all of the Blackjack games that are listed below have all been independently tested and verified as being 100% fair and random, and much like all other casino game designers when you play these Blackjack games online the entire shoe of cards is fully shuffled before a new game is dealt out.

The aim for any real money Blackjack player is of course to end up winning on any real money session they have playing Blackjack online, and with that in mind if you are thinking of playing at a Chartwell software powered online casino site then you need to play the variant offering you the very lowest house edge and also learn how to play that game perfectly.

Take a look though the following listing of Chartwell design online Blackjack games as we are more than confident that there will be several of them that you will take a shine to and will wish to play online, and if you do there are more than enough casinos for you to choose from which use this gaming platform.

European Blackjack – Eight decks of playing cards are in the European Blackjack game variants shoe and this game can be a game offering a house edge of 0.45% if you put into play the best playing strategy. Getting dealt out a soft 17 will see the dealer then standing those hands, and players will not see the dealer peeking as this game is not a hole card game. You can double down on any two initial 9, 10 or 11 values hands that have been dealt out to you and players can also choose to double down even after they have split a pair of cards.

Lucky 7 Blackjack – The Lucky 7 Blackjack game available at Chartwell powered casinos has eight decks of cards in the shoe, and when played optimally you will get the house edge down to a low 0.49%. When faced with a hand worth a soft 17 or higher the Dealer will stand those hands until worth. This Lucky 7 Blackjack game is a hole card game and players can double down on any two cards that have been dealt out to them, and players are going to be able to double down after they have split a pair of cards.

Single Deck Blackjack – One deck of cards are in play in the Single Deck Blackjack game which is found in the gaming suite of casinos using the Chartwell suite of games. You are able to double down when playing this game on any two cards initial hand worth 9, 10 or 11, and cannot double down after splitting any pair of cards. The Double Deck Blackjack game from Cryptologic is not a hole card game and no surrender option is available, perfect strategy will get the house edge down to 0.26%.

Standard Blackjack – 0.49% is what you can get the Standard Blackjack games house edge down to if you play this game with perfect strategy in place. This game is another Blackjack game variant from Chartwell which offers no surrender options and has a total of eight decks of cards in the shoe. The Dealer plays any hand worth a soft 17 by standing those hands, and will peek as this game is a hole card game. Players will be able to double down on any two initial cards and can double down when they have split any pair of cards.

Play for Free or For Real Money

If you do like the look of any of the Chartwell designed blackjack game variants listed above then you will be pleased to know first and foremost that there are quite a number of online casino sites that utilize the Chartwell gaming platform, and when you do visit such sites you will find their games available in a no downloadable gaming platform, so you can play them straight away without you first having to download an entire software package onto your computer.

You will have access to each of the blackjack games listed above in either a free to play no risk environment, which by the way is an ideal way for you to get a good feel for their range of games and how they play and pay, and of course a real money version of each blackjack game named above can be accessed at those casino sites.

When playing Blackjack online you may also be tempted to make use of one of the new player or even one of the ongoing bonus offers that many Chartwell software powered online casino sites give away regularly to their players.

However, it is always worth remembering that when you do choose to make use of an online casino bonus offer there will be all manner of different rules in place and terms and conditions attached to those bonuses. You will therefore need to select only those bonuses which require you to play through your bonuses and or the deposited amount the lowest number of times before you can cash out any winnings.

If you are in any doubt as to whether a casino sites bonus offer is giving you true value then you should avoid taking and making use of those bonuses, as by playing Blackjack online with only your own real money funds then you are never going to be forced to adhere to bonus play rules, which are usually designed to help the casino win from you your deposited amount.