Blackjack Game Play Rules and Effect on House Edge

Blackjack Game Play Rules and Effect on House Edge

We are often asked by novice blackjack players what game play rules are going to have a negative or in fact any type of effect on the expected house edge of certain blackjack games.

If you have come across some of the more unique types of blackjack games found in online casinos or have come across the video blackjack games that are starting to appear on many land based casinos gaming floors then we invite you to read on.

There can be some very subtle differences in the rules found on some video and online blackjack games which can have an effect on the house edge found on those games, and as a player you need to be aware of those house edge effecting rules and avoid playing any game which due to its design is going to see you playing against an increased house edge.

Below we have highlighted several different game play rules found on many different blackjack games and alongside them you will see the effect those rules have on the house edge of those games.

Whilst all blackjack games are random there is an element of skill involved in playing off each hand and another important aspect to choosing which variant to play apart from a low house edge will be you knowing how to optimally play off every single hand that is dealt out to you. So do make sure you fully master the ins and outs of playing any variant that you are attracted to playing before you lay your hard earned bankroll onto the betting boxes.

Even Money Paying Blackjack Hands – One type of blackjack game you really do need to avoid are those variants which have been designed to payout even money when you have been dealt out an unmatched and winning blackjack hand.

You will often find it is the video blackjack games found on the gaming floors of certain land based casinos that have those very poor payouts attached to them. On average you will be expecting to be dealt out a winning blackjack hand every 21 hands, and by not receiving the 3 to 2 industry standard winning blackjack hand payout and receiving an even money payout instead that payout will cost you 2.3% ore of your bankroll over time.

Due to blackjack games coming with a very low house edge as standard that 2.3% really is going to be noticeable and will see your bankroll being eaten away much more quickly when playing those poor paying blackjack game variants and as such they are game you do need to avoid playing at all times.

Rounded Down Blackjack Hand Payouts – Some video blackjack games and even a few online blackjack games are going to allow you to play for cents as opposed to playing in round Dollar amounts. Whilst that will of course appeal to low rolling blackjack players you do not want to have to make any compromise by you having opted to play for very low stake amounts.

With that in mind be aware that many blackjack games offering low staking options will often be designed in such a way that a winning blackjack hand payout will be rounded down, and as such even though the 3 to 2 winning payout may seem fair what is not fair is the small amount of cash you will lose due to the rounding down of winning blackjack hand winning payout son those variants.

As such you should always play blackjack for round amounts meaning two unit stakes so that the variant you are playing will give you the full 3 to 2 winning payout every time you have been dealt out a winning blackjack hand.

Perfect Strategy – It does of course go without saying that you should always play blackjack in such a way that on every single hand you have been deal tout you play that hand off using perfectly strategy. That may seem a little daunting to a first time blackjack player, however we do have strategy cards dotted around this website which will show you how to play each hand that has been dealt out to you no matter what card the dealer is holding, so do make use of them.

By mastering the art of playing every single hand that has been dealt out to you perfectly you are going to be getting, over your long term play the expected house edge the game gas been designed to return which will, depending on which variant you play be a very tiny house edge much lower than any other casino card game.

Dealer Stands on 17 – Always choose to play blackjack game variants on which the dealer will stand his hand when it is worth 17 in value, there are several video poker games which do not have that game play rule in place and as such the house edge on those game is quite noticeably increased when a dealer is not obliged to stand their hand when a 17 hand has been dealt out to them.

Counting Cards – If you have mastered the art of counting cards then you do need to be aware that online blackjack games and many video blackjack games are designed in such a way that before you start a new game the entire deck of cards will be shuffled.

Therefore it is going to be impossible for you to count cards when playing those variants. There is a new breed of live dealer blackjack games available online and those games are played in much the same way as land based casinos operate their blackjack games.

So if you are looking for online blackjack games to play on which you are going to be able to count cards then it will be those live blackjack games that you need to be tracking down and playing. However, always keep your eyes on the gaming action to find out just how many decks of playing cards are in the show and when the dealer chooses to shuffle the deck.