NewsTop 10 Most Played Online Blackjack Games

Top 10 Most Played Online Blackjack Games

November 3, 2015

Playing Blackjack is something many online and now mobile casino game players will do at one time or another. However, as they are so many different variants available, and as each game will come with its own unique set of rules, if playing this popular card game is something you enjoy doing read on, for below you will find the top 10 most played online blackjack games.

Classic Blackjack – The most played Blackjack game found in Microgaming Casinos is their single hand gold series blackjack game, with enhanced graphics and a low house edge this card game can be played for stakes as low as 1.00 per hand or as high as 200.00 per hand.

Live Blackjack Games – With the advent of live casinos we are fining more and more people enjoy playing the live blackjack games at various different casino sites.

As these blackjack game variants are played in land based casinos and the footage is fed over the internet to players computers and via their computers players can then play off their hands, these are much more social blackjack games due to the chat room facility which allows players to chat to each other and the dealers.

Blackjack Switch – You will need to sign up to one of our Playtech Casinos if you fancy playing the third most popular online blackjack game, for those casino sites have the Blackjack Switch game on offer. The unique playing rules of this game will see players being dealt out not one hand per game but two of them and players are then able to swap one of their cards from each hand with the other hand.

Progressive Blackjack – With that chance of winning a huge progressive jackpot many players love getting stuck into a blackjack game playing session on which they choose to play the progressive blackjack games offered by various different casino sites.

When playing these potentially huge paying blackjack games however you need to keep in mind you are obliged to play a special side bet which usually cost an obligatory 1.00 per hand. That side bet then give you the chance of winning the progressive jackpot if you are dealt out a certain hand combination.

Double Exposure Blackjack – The fifth most played online blackjack game variant is not a particular low house edge blackjack game for this variant is the Double Exposure blackjack game. However, what makes this game very appealing to players is that the dealers cards are not initially dealt one face up and one face down as on all other variants.

Instead the dealers’ cards are always dealt face upwards, and as such you can then base your playing and betting decisions on what you know the dealer is definitely holding in his hand as opposed to what you think he or she may be holding.

Multi Hand Blackjack – You are not going to be forced to play just single hand blackjack game online, for there are plenty of different multi hand blackjack games now available. In fact the sixth most popular blackjack game variants are those ones which you can play up to four or five different hands per game.

The only downside to playing multi hand blackjack games is that they can be expensive games to play if the dealer keeps on winning hand after hand, however when you are on a roll and can do no wrong you can win big from a series of winning outcomes when playing multi hand blackjack games for high stake amounts.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack – If you are happy to place side best alongside your base game bet when playing blackjack game online then there are of course a huge range of blackjack game variants which will offer you some form of side bet option.

One very popular variant is the Perfect Pairs Blackjack game and when playing that game you will be hoping that you two initial cards are the same valued cards or the same suit for when they are your bonus side bet will be a winning one. For reference you will often find the base game on most bonus bet Blackjack variants is the European Blackjack game.

Single Deck Blackjack – Another blackjack game variant is the single hand variant which comes with a very low house edge if of course you play that game optimally is the and also play off every single hand with the best possible strategy is the many different type of single deck blackjack games which you will find offered to you at most casino sites.

However, always remember that online blackjack games with the exception of the live dealer games always have their deck of cards shuffled before each new hand is dealt out and as such that means you are not going to be able to count cards when playing software driven blackjack games online.

Spanish Blackjack – There is a rather unusual blackjack game variant on offer at most casino sites and that variant is the Spanish Blackjack game.

What makes this game unusual is that all of the 10 cards are removed from the decks and will not be in play at all, however there are a range of bonus payouts which will be awarded to you when you are dealt out certain hand combinations and you are not required to pay any type of bonus bet or side bet to get paid out those bonus bets.

High Streak Blackjack – The number 10 most played blackjack game online is the High Streak Blackjack game, now this is another variant on which you are going to be able to place a completely optional side bet alongside your base game stake whenever you play it.

That side bet will become a winning bet as soon as you get dealt out two or more winning hand combinations on the trot, and as such the more winning hands that you get dealt out consecutively the more you stand to win. As long as you win each hand that side bet stays in live play.

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