NewsPlay Online Blackjack Like Sodapoppin

Play Online Blackjack Like Sodapoppin

May 27, 2015

sodapoppin-blackjackIt always amazes us just how popular social media can be, and when you couple it with the online gaming environment then you could quite quickly make a name for yourself, but not in the way you were hoping to do.

That is exactly what happened to a guy who goes by the nickname Sodapoppin. Being very eager to keep his followers and subscribers interested in what he is up to he recently filmed himself playing online at a live blackjack table.

It would appear he hasn’t quite mastered the way to play blackjack optimally and strategically, for when logged into that site he filmed himself placing a $5000 wager on the blackjack table, and as the video plays out you see him initially being dealt out an Ace which is a card you do want to be dealt out, more so when the dealer deals himself a six.

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He then goes on to be dealt a 5 and a Jack and decides to stand his hand on 16. However, when the action then turns to the dealer his 6 is dealt out another 6 and then another one and poor Chance Morris who is the person behind the Sodapoppin name is then filmed running off out of his front door wailing and screaming.

Whether he meant to or not, his video which has been viewed over 1.4 million times on YouTube alone is a reminder to anyone wishing to play blackjack online that you should always only bet with cash you can afford to lose and also always play optimal strategy.

Where does Sodapoppin Play Online Blackjack?

The blackjack site at which Sodapoppin plays is the BetOnline Casino site, now one thing to note if you do fancy playing blackjack online is that apart from the fact you should be looking for a range of blackjack games that offer low house edges and table stake levels you can afford to play for, you should always be looking for a casino that guarantees you fast winning payouts when you make a withdrawal.

With that in mind we would not recommend playing at that particular casino site, due to them having something of a track record for being a slow paying casino site. The casino that we recommend is Energy Casino for players outside of the US and Black Diamond Casino for players residing in the US.

Playing blackjack or in fact any other casino games at those three licensed and regulated casinos will see you always benefiting from rapid winning payouts.

In fact please do checkout our reviews of those three online casino sites for we have been able to negotiate some high valued sign up bonuses at each of them which you will be able to claim instantly once you make you very first real money deposit into any of those sites using one of many different banking options.

Dangers of Playing a Boom and Bust Blackjack Strategy

Placing your entire casino account balance on one single hand, when playing any blackjack game is going to see you playing a very high risk blackjack strategy, in the case of the hapless Sodapoppin he lost that $5000 but things could have gone his way and he could have won, however that would then have given him the courage to continue to play for high stakes in a high risk boom or bust style.

No player will survive very long when playing in such a way, and if you are considering playing blackjack online then you are going to have a much greater chance of winning by playing each hand optimally and in a much more structured way and that includes playing each hand for just a small percentage of your available bankroll.

If you do fancy playing Live Blackjack online or any of the software driven random number generated blackjack games then we would suggest you take some time out to read through each of our blackjack game reviews and then locate a casino offering the very lowest house edge game, and over the long term you will get more chances of winning when playing those particular games.

However, you will also need to learn how to play each and every single hand dealt out to you optimally and that is where our blackjack strategy cards will come in very handy.

Play Blackjack Better than Sodapoppin

We shall now pass onto you a few different blackjack playing hints and tips which may just help you increase your overall winning chances when you do decide the time is right to start playing blackjack online, so read on to find out more.

Always Split Aces – If you are ever dealt out a pair of Aces as you initial two card hand then the best way to play that hand is to split those two Aces into two separate hands. So always make sure that you have enough cash in your casino account balance to perform that playing move (not like Sodapoppin).

Never Take Insurance – Forget about taking the Insurance bet when it is offered to you, even though that bet can get you out of trouble occasionally when the dealer is dealt out a blackjack hand, over the long term that bet will suck the life out of your bankroll due to its huge house edge and is one of the worst bets you can ever place on any blackjack table.

Don’t Place Bonus Bets – Many blackjack games which are available online will offer some form of bonus bet, and placing those bets will see you getting the chance of winning bonus payments when a certain hand combination is dealt out to you. Much like the Insurance wager those bonus bets come with a high house edge which makes them all poor valued bets and ones you should avoid placing.

Never Split a Pair of Tens – One final tip is when you have been dealt out any pair of cards valued at 10, then never be tempted to split them if the playing rules of the variant you are playing permit you to do so, instead always stand any pair of 10 valued cards.

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