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Play bonus safe

November 19, 2018

Gaming is fun, exciting and popular. Blackjack, for example, is one of the most popular casino card games ever and playing it online has only helped to add to its appeal. But like every sport on earth, it requires a certain amount of caution, responsibility and discipline in the way it is conducted.

The multitude of online casinos to choose from may pose some difficulty both to new players and to those who are used to a traditional walk-in casino. It is therefore essential that before any player embarks on subscribing to an online casino and making any sort of deposit, they need to read reviews, in the same manner as you would read reviews before buying an electrical appliance. In fact, if you are keen on playing Blackjack, there are plenty of reviews that can advise you which online casinos are the best.

It is common these days that online casinos offer a number of cash or non-cash bonuses to lure players to try out Blackjack online. The types of bonuses can vary from one casino to the other. However, they are roughly divided between those bonuses that do not require the player to make a first-time deposit and those that do require a deposit from the player.

So which ones are the safest? Well, that is difficult to say because it depends first of all on the terms and conditions of the bonuses, which one needs to read quite carefully. Some no deposit bonuses, for example, require the player to use it within the span of fourteen days, otherwise it is lost. Other bonuses may require a minimum amount of deposit so that the bonus can be automatically awarded as a top-up to your account. However, before you withdraw your money, you may first need to have played twenty times that amount you originally deposited!

As a general rule, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on the website can give a good explanation of how money from winnings can be withdrawn. The minimum deposit that can be made in order to play, how long it would take for the withdrawal to be effected, any withdrawal fees or charges and similar details are important to know.

Blackjack is usually a game with a low house edge. Certifications and the type of software being used can be good indicators about the quality of the online casino. eCOGRA or Technical Systems Testing certifications indicate the level of fairness of the games being offered. For example, a range that indicates a high level of fairness would hover somewhere around 97.5% and 98.5%. In terms of software, the use of PlayTech or Microgaming shows that no matter where on the web you play the game is irrelevant because the result would be more or less the same on any website of any online casino.

Last but not least, do not be over ambitious and register with a multitude of online casinos to get as many bonuses as possible. As a player, one needs to draw some limits so that the gaming fun does not turn into an addiction unnecessarily.

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