NewsAlbany Racetracks Roll Out Video Blackjack Games

Albany Racetracks Roll Out Video Blackjack Games

September 11, 2015

video-blackjackIt has been a long time coming, but many more racetracks in the western New York States in the US are now beginning to rollout out video blackjack terminals on their gaming floors. This is thanks to a change announced back in April that will allow those venues to add video blackjack games alongside their video lottery terminals on their respective gaming floors.

This is something of a blessing in disguise for those racetracks as visitor numbers have been dwindling for many years and that has in turn led to a downturn in the gambling revenue turnover and profit at each track.

The number of video blackjack machines can and will vary from venue to venues, however the Resorts World Casino in Queens have just placed 60 machines on their gaming floor last week and have stated that after the fall they are planning on adding a further 300 of them.

These video blackjack tables are expected to complement the other video based electronic games such as craps and roulette that have been available for a while, and it is hoped they will also be adding 3 card poker terminals very shortly to give card players even more choice.

Over at the Yonkers Raceway just four video blackjack machines can now be found waiting for players on their gaming floor, however with 12 player positions on each machine that should allow them to cope with the current demand for these types of games. However, the long term plan is to add even more video blackjack terminals in the next few weeks and months.

Unlike the craps and roulette games available on the video terminals it has often been thought that blackjack games can be a little less intimidating solely due to the fact each player has their own available betting options on each table and will not be forced to play in a much more social type of atmosphere and gaming environment as they do when playing craps for example, so a new type of player may be attracted to playing them.

There are however several racetracks that are currently not able to add any type of electronic table based casino games onto their gaming floors even though they do already have video lottery terminals already available.

Those racetracks include Finger Lakes, Buffalo Raceway and Batavia Downs. The reason why those venues are unable to add electronic table game is due to the Seneca Nation of Indians having their own agreement with the State which currently expires in 2023.

This agreement does not seem to be having a negative effect on those three racetracks as Mike Kane the president of the owning company of Batavia Downs that being Western Regional Off-Track Betting is quoted as saying they have been doing very well financially without the machines for some time and as such they do not think that having these types of table game video terminals will see them losing too much of their competitive edge.

There are several other racinos based in and around New York and they too have started to add electronic blackjack games to their available range of games, and this is due to the turnaround in the low which now permits games which have previously be deemed to be skill based games from being available at those venues, with those card based games being of course blackjack and three card poker games.

With there being seating around more of these video terminals for up to 12 players the uptake of the games by players should be quite significant and with the element of skill required to play blackjack optimally and with these types of games being completely random in their nature they should prove to be even more appealing that the lottery based terminals.

However, one thing which will not be changing is the way that the State Lottery will still be running the terminals centrally and as such the amount of revenue raised should help even more money to be channelled into education throughout the area.

Hopefully these new machines will help stop the decrease in profits which all but two racinos and racetracks in the area have been experiencing in the last few years. In fact last year the only two venues that saw an increase in their turnover were Batavia Downs and Resorts World.

How to Play Video Blackjack Games

There are no major differences in the way that video blackjack games and real live dealer blackjack games play and pay, and as is always the case when playing these types of skill based card game you will need to know the best and most optimal way to play off each hand that has been dealt out to you.

You will be able to put into play a range of different staking options too and as such if you are planning on giving these electronic blackjack games some play time on your next visit to the racetrack then you are always going to be in full control over the stake levels you can play them for.

As with any blackjack game you are going to be far better off playing a variant that offers you a 3 to 2 winning payout for an unmatched winning players blackjack hand, that being any ace card couple dup with a 10 valued card, and as such lookout for and then avoid playing any terminal offering you a 6 to 5 winning payout on those type of hands.

One other aspect to playing blackjack whether in a live format or vie one of the new video terminals is that the insurance bet is the sucker bet. So whenever you are offered the insurance wager which will cost you half of your initial base hand stake which will then payout at odds of 2 to 1 if the dealer has an ace and 10 card, you should always avoid placing those bets as they will increase the base game house edge you are up against quite significantly.

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