Live Dealer Blackjack Strategy

Live Dealer Blackjack Strategy

Each live dealer blackjack game variant that you come across at any online casino site is going to have its own house edge, that being the amount of cash that the house is going to be expecting to win off you based on your long term play.

The house edge of any live dealer blackjack game is something that you need to discover before playing any game offered, for by sticking to the low house edge variants you will get more winning chances and the casino will not win off you, over your long term play as much cash as they would if you opted to play a variant offering a much larger house edge.

The house edge is always going to be displayed as a percentage, however as blackjack is such a low house edge game you will find it is often less that 1%, which when compared with many other types of casino card games is very appealing to players.

However, the only way that you are going to have any realistic chance of getting the house edge down in value to its expected amount is by playing each hand perfectly, any playing, betting or staking mistakes you make when playing live dealer blackjack that veers off the correct and optimal playing strategy for the live dealer blackjack game you are playing will increase the house edge, and that naturally will see you losing much more than is expected when you do make any types of errors.

Easy to Remember Live Blackjack Strategies

To allow you to have a fair and reasonable chance of playing live Blackjack games online and having the expected house edge attached to each session you do play off, below you will find a range of playing and betting moves that you should always adopt when playing any Live Blackjack games.

We would also advise you to make use of our blackjack strategy cards which are listed throughout this website which will show you every single move you should make when you have been dealt out a hand of cards based on just what card the dealer is showing.

Insurance – One wager that you should never place onto any live blackjack table is the insurance bet. When you are offered this bet, more so if you are a novice or inexperienced blackjack player you could be tempted to make use of it due to the 2 to 1 winning payout on your side bet wager offered to you in return for a side bet wager of half your initial base hand staked amount if the dealers hand turns out to be a blackjack hand.

However, that side bet is one of the worst best available on any live blackjack table and comes with a house edge that is often many multiples of the base game house edge. One valuable playing tip when you are adopting a winning live blackjack playing strategy is to never place the insurance wager when it has been offered to you.

Bonus Side Bets – As more and more live dealer blackjack games become available online you will find a large number of the newer variants that you will come across will also offer you a range of bonus bets which you can place alongside your initial base game hand.

The bonus payouts which you will be rewarded with when you have been dealt out certain hand combinations may seem very large and appealing and some may even be a progressive type of jackpot payout.

However, much like the insurance wager there is a much larger house edge attached to those blackjack side and bonus bets which is always going to be way higher than the base hand house edge. So much like the insurance wager if you do come across any live dealer blackjack games, which you will do over time, that offer a bonus side bet option, never be tempted to place that side bet.

Pair of Aces – There is some live dealer playing and betting decisions that always need to be followed, and one of the easiest to remember is that whenever you have been dealt out any pair of aces then you need to always split those aces and form two new hands with each one of them.

However, there may come a point in time when you have placed a base hand wager and you have no additional playing funds in your account after placing that wager, if you then get dealt out a pair of aces you will not have time, when playing live dealer blackjack to go to the banking interface at that casino site and top up your account with additional playing funds to be able to pay the new stake required when splitting aces.

That will mean you then have to hit those aces instead of splitting them, or even stand them, as that is the incorrect playing move for playing of a pair of aces then another tip we do need to pass onto you is for you always have enough cash in your casino account balance to be able to pay for any split bets you need to pay for or in fact any type of wager that required you to double down.

Two 10 Valued Cards – One final live dealer playing strategy tip we can pass onto you is in regards to how you should be playing a pair of 10 valued cards that may get dealt out to you. As you can see the dealers up facing cards when you have been dealt out a pair of 10 valued cards you could be very tempted to split those cards if the dealer has a low valued card on show such as a 4 or 6.

However, never be tempted to do so for the correct way that you should always play any pair of 10 valued cards is to stand those cards, even if the dealer is showing a very low valued card as his or her up facing card.