Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack

You will have quite a choice in regards to just which blackjack game variants you can play when you log into most online casino sites, and should you be looking for a single deck game and one that has a fairly liberal set of rules then make sure you consider playing the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game variant online.

The game is played with a hole card which you may be interested in, and thanks to the low house edge that can be achieved by players playing this game it may be a game worth playing. When the dealer has dealt out to his and a combination of cards that are worth a soft 17 or any other lower valued hand combination he will always hit those hands.

Being a hole card game you will see the dealer taking a quick peep at his down facing card when he may have a blackjack hand, you will of course be offered insurance when playing this game, and below is a deeper insight into all that is has to offer you.

Game Information

  • Software:
  • Type:
    Vegas Single Deck Blackjack
  • Stake Range:
    $1 - $200
  • Blackjack Pays:
    3 / 2
  • Split Allowed:
  • Double Down Allowed:

Stakes Payouts and House Edge

To be in which a chance of winning when playing this blackjack game you simply have to play it but do of course make sure you play each hand dealt out perfectly. The stakes at which you can play Vegas Single Deck Blackjack for have been designed to ensure all players can comfortably afford to play it with the minimum stake requirement being a very low and modest 1.00 whilst the maximum bet per hand is some 200.00.

You will find both a single hand and multi hand version of this game offered at many online casino sites, and the winning payouts award on both variants are exactly the same! As such if you place insurance side bet wager and it is a winning bet your winning payout on your side bet wager is 2 to 1.

The other winning payout that can be awarded to you when playing this blackjack game include a 3 to 2 winning payout when you have been dealt out a winning unmatched blackjack hand and every other winning players hand is paid out at odds of even money.

If you play the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game optimally the lowest house edge that you will be playing against works out at 0.39%, so do keep on reading to learn how to play this game optimally and strategically.

Players and Dealer Rules

The rules which are attached to the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game are very player friendly and as such let us now enlighten you on what you can do when you choose to give this black game any amount of play time online.

To begin with in regards to you being able to double down an initial two card hand then you are going to be able to do that when your initial two card hand is valued at a hard 9, 10 or 11 valued hand, you are not however permitted to double down after you have split a pair of cards.

You can only ever split a pair of cards once and if you do split a pair of cards which are both aces then just one additional card will be dealt out to each single ace and you will not be able to draw additional cards to those aces. If you are dealt out any two 10 valued cards then the rule of this blackjack game variant will permit you to split those 10 valued cards, and a new stake will need to be placed on each new hand formed after you have split them.


You are probably now interested in giving this single deck blackjack game some play time online, but if you are then to get any chance of the game playing with the house edge as low as it possibly can be you will have to play every single hand dealt out to you perfectly. To do that download and save the blackjack strategy card displayed on this page and also below are a range of easy to remember playing moves and betting decisions you should follow to ensure you play every single hand in the most optimum way.

Surrender – The game play rules attached to the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game stipulate that at no time are you permitted to surrender your hand for half of your stakes back, if you do wish to play a game offering players a surrender option then give the Atlantic City Blackjack game a try instead of this one.

Doubling Down – If you have been dealt out a pair of 5 valued cards and the dealers up facing card Is not a 10 or ace card then you should double down that hand, if you do have a pair of 5’s and the dealer is holding a 10 or ace card then you should hit your hand instead of doubling down.

Hitting a Hand – At all times no matter what initial up facing card the dealer is showing, if you have a hand which is valued as a soft 17 hand you should always hit your hand and never be tempted to stand that hand.

When to Stand – As soon  as any hand combination you have been dealt out is valued at a hard 17 or higher in value then he correct playing strategy for the game of Vegas Single Deck Blackjack will call for you to stand your hand, so always make sure that is what you do with your hand.

Insurance – The insurance bet is going to be offered to you by the dealer from time to time when you are playing his game online and there is the requirement to place a side bet of half of your initial base game hand staked amount when placing that insurance wager, and if the dealer ends up with a blackjack hand you are plaid out at 2 to 1 on the side bet amount. However due to the house edge of that bet being enormous under no circumstances should you ever accept and place it.

Blackjack Comps and Bonuses

Bonuses are a fact of life when you play at any online casino site, as all of them will give players all manner of different bonuses to entice those players to make a deposit and play at their respective site. However, blackjack bonuses are very few and far between as not all casino bonuses can be utilized on blackjack games. In fact if you do fin a casino offering a bonus that can be used on the game of blackjack the play through requirements will often be enormous and thus offer very poor playing value.

You are going to be far better off playing real money blackjack at an online casino site that offers a generous comp club, as each time you place a wager on those site blackjack game you will be earning points and those points when you have saved enough of them up can then be exchanged for additional playing credits. So hunt around for a site that has a generous and high valued loyalty scheme in place to ensure you get plenty to additional playing value from your blackjack gaming action.