Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack

You will want to play the Classic Blackjack game online once you give this review of the game a read through, for the house edge that you are going to be able to get the game down to with optimal play is tiny, in fact it is the lowest house edge game currently available.

With that in mind let us give you a quick run through of the way the game is structured and then we will move onto to letting you know all about the winning payouts and giving you a few playing hints and tips to allow you to get the house edge on this game that low.

One of the reason this blackjack game variant does have such a low house edge when played perfectly is that there is just one single deck of cards in the shoe of the single hand variant, those cards are shuffled before a new game is sent into play, and being a no peek structured game the dealer only deals himself one up facing card at the first initial stage of the game, and will then complete his hand once you have finished off playing your and the way you want to.

If the dealer, when he is playing off his hand is dealt out any hand higher than any type of 17 that being a hard or soft 17 valued hand then he will stand his hand instantly any hand lower than a 17 will see him hitting those hands.

Game Information

  • Software:
  • Type:
    Classic Blackjack
  • Stake Range:
    $1 - $200
  • Blackjack Pays:
    3 / 2
  • Split Allowed:
  • Double Down Allowed:

Stakes Payouts and House Edge

You really should be concentrating your online Blackjack playing efforts on the Classic Blackjack game variant, for by doing so if you learn how to play each hand optimally you will be able to get the house edge down to a tiny 0.13%. There is no other blackjack game on offer at this moment in time which has a house edge as low as that.

Be aware though that if you decide to play this variant at a Microgaming powered site you will find two different version of the game and it is the single hand and not the multi hand game which boasts that low house edge when you put into play optimal playing strategy, as the multi hand version has more decks in the shoe which increase the house edge quite noticeably.

You will be awarded with an one for one even money paying on all winning non blackjack hands, however the industry standard winning payout of 3 to 2 is offered on all players winning blackjack hands. Whilst you should never place the insurance wager, if you do and it is a winning bet then the winning payout then you will receive will be worth 2 to 1 of your staked amount.

A minimum stake of just 1.00 per hand you play is required to play this game and the maximum bet per hand is a much larger 200.00.

Players and Dealer Rules

There are some very liberal game play rules attached to the Classic Blackjack game which we are fairly confident that you are going to find very appealing, and we shall now enlighten you fully on what those rules are.

If your initial two cards dealt out to you are valued at a hard 9, 10 or an 11, then you will be able to place a double down wager, this is when you play another stake equal to your initial base game staked amount and in exchange for that additional wager one extra card and one extra card alone will be dealt out to your hand.

The rules regarding when and how you can split any hand are very easy to understand, you cannot split a pair of unalike 10 valued cards when playing this game but all other hands containing two identical valued cards such as two 3’s for example can be split.

If the pair of cards you have chosen to split are aces then you are able to keep on hitting those cards as more than one card can be dealt out to either of those two aces. Be aware though if you do split a pair of aces and either card is dealt out a 10 valued card then that hand is not deemed to be a blackjack hand, nor is any split 10 valued cards deal out an ace. The winning payout for those hands is even money.


Before you play any online Blackjack game variants and this includes the Classic Blackjack game, you should know how to play off every single hand that has been dealt out to you. You will see we have loaded a blackjack strategy card onto this web page and by downloading it or saving it onto your computer you are always going to be able to refer to it, as that card shows you how to play off every single hand perfectly no matter what initial card the dealer has dealt out to his hand.

Surrender – There will not be an option to surrender your and at any time when playing the Classic Blackjack game, if you are quite found of playing blackjack games offering such an option then play the Atlantic City Blackjack game instead of this one.

Doubling Down – Perfect playing strategy calls for you to always double down any 10 or 11 valued hard hand when the dealer has a 2 to 9 valued card on display and also when you have a hard 9 valued hand and the dealer has a 2 to 6 valued card on show.

Hitting a Hand – When you have been dealt out two cards which are valued from 5 to 8, then no matter what value the dealers up facing card is you should always it those hands.

When to Stand – There are several times obviously when the correct playing decision is to stand your hand, some of those times are when you have a soft 29 valued hand and when you have any hand valued at a hard 17 or higher valued hard hand.

Insurance – Even though you will get paid off at odds of 2 to 1 if you have taken the insurance option when offered it is a side bet option  with a huge house edge attached dot it, so never take that insurance wager as if you do you ill be increasing the house edge of the game.

Blackjack Comps and Blackjack Bonuses

Try not to be too tempted if you see a large and generous casino bonus on offer when playing at one or more online casino sites, for often it is the case any bonus which can be used on Blackjack games such as the Classic Blackjack game will come with a very large set of play through requirements that will make you have o play through the bonus funds and often any deposited amount a large number of times before you can cash out any winnings achieved from your bonus play.

You will also find it is worth looking around and comparing the different casino comp and loyalty clubs offered at all online casino sites, for when you do so you will find some casinos are much more generous in regards to how many comps points they will give you when playing the Classic Blackjack game for real money, and the redemption rates will also vary from casino to casino.