Bonus Blackjack

Bonus Blackjack

Playing some online blackjack games will see you being offered the option of playing a side bet wager which will give you the chance of winning, in additional to anything you win on your base game hand, a range of bonus winning payouts.

Once such game which can now be played online on which you are able to place a completely optional side bet wager is the game of Bonus Blackjack. This game is played with a shoe of cards which has two full decks of cards in it which are shuffled thoroughly before any new game begins, and if you do decide to place the side bet wager then a winning payout is going to be coming your way irrespective of whether your base game hand wins or loses, if your initial two cards containing two specific cards as described below.

The house edge on the base game of the Bonus Blackjack game is going to be as low as 0.39%, but only when you put into play the best and most strategic playing strategy and play every hand perfectly. The dealer will hit his hand whenever it is valued at a soft 17 or lower.

As Bonus Blackjack is structured as a what is known as a hole card game both an initial up facing card and a down facing card will be dealt out to the dealer on the initial stage of the game, and he will then always play off his hand once you have completed playing of your hand.

Game Information

  • Software:
  • Type:
    Bonus Blackjack
  • Stake Range:
    $1 - $200
  • Blackjack Pays:
    3 / 2
  • Split Allowed:
  • Double Down Allowed:

Stakes Payouts and House Edge

You are going to be able to place a wager from as little as 1.00 or as high as 200.00 on each hand of Bonus Blackjack that you do decide to play, but there is also an optional side bet wager which you may wish to place when playing this quite unusual blackjack game variant.

The standard payouts are awarded on the base hand, which are of course a 3 to 2 payout for a winning players blackjack hand, even money for all other winning player hands and the insurance bet pays out at odds of 2 to 1 if you place it and the dealers hand is a blackjack hand.

The bonus side bet payouts are based on the first two cards that are dealt out to your hand, and if you do place this wager and are dealt out any two cards that share the same suit you receive a winning payout of 5 to 2.

However, if you first two cards are a suited Jack and Ace the winning payout on your side bet wager is 25 to 1, which grows to a winning side bet payout of 50 to 1 if those first two cards are an ace and jack of spades. The house edge on the base hand wager when you play this game perfectly is 0.39%.

Players and Dealer Rules

You may already like the sound of the bonus Blackjack game variant, and if so let us now give you a quick run through of all of the additional rules attached to this game. One rule which you could find very beneficial is that as soon as you have been dealt out your initial two cards, irrespective of the value of those two cards you will be permitted to double down on that hand.

But by doubling down another wager will be required to be placed onto the betting layout which has to be the same value as the bet you initially placed to get the game underway. Only one extra card will be dealt out to your hand when you double down and as such no further card will be dealt with that hand once you do decide to double down.

You are also allowed to double split any matching pair of cards which share the same value such as a pair of 2’s plus any pair of cards that are valued at 10 such as a queen and a king can also be split, and the rules do also allow you to double down once you have chosen to split any hand.

However, if you split a pair of aces when playing the Bonus Blackjack game online then only one additional card is going to be dealt out to those hands and then the game rules will force you to stand those hands so only one card and one card alone can be dealt out to both split aces.


You are going to be best advised not to place the side bet wager on the game of Bonus Blackjack as by doing so that additional side bet wager will increase the house edge of the game! But you will need to put into play the optimal playing strategy for this game which is easier to do than you may first think. As we have a blackjack strategy card on this web page which will show you how to play off every single hand dealt out to you when faced with any dealers up facing card.

Surrender – Unlike the Atlantic City Blackjack game and the Big Five Blackjack game variant there is no option or you to surrender your hand when playing this blackjack game online.

Doubling Down – One hand combination that you could be dealt out which may cause you to become slightly confused on how to play it is a soft 18, you should only ever double down that hand when the dealer is showing a 2 to 6 valued card.

Hitting a Hand – One very easy to remember optimal playing move to make when playing the Bonus Blackjack game is in regards to playing off a hand worth 5 to 8 in value, no matter what card the dealer has showing via his up facing card you should hit those hands every time.

When to Stand – Always stand a soft 20 valued hand and if you are dealt out any pair of ten-valued cards then never be tempted to split them as you should always sand those hands along with any hard 17 or higher valued hard hand.

Insurance – Many online blackjack games will offer you the chance of taking the insurance option, but unfortunately that is a very low valued betting move to make due to the huge house edge attached do it and the best playing strategy for the Bonus Blackjack game will call for you to never place the insurance side bet option when it is offered to you.

Blackjack Comps and Blackjack Bonuses

If you have seen any online casino offering you either a new player bonus or an ongoing re-load type of bonus then you should always read through the rules of those bonuses should you be interested in using that bonus on the Bonus Blackjack game variant. The reason for us saying that is that often the play through requirements are going to be much greater when playing blackjack with a bonus.

In fact some casinos no longer let players utilize their bonuses on blackjack game variants due to the very low house edge of those games. So read through the terms and conditions before claiming a bonus if you intend to play any type of online Blackjack games.

Playing comps will be awarded to you when you play the bonus Blackjack game online and each casino will have their own uniquely structured comp club so shop around as some of them are more generous than others in regards to the point you can accumulate and their comp point redemption rates.

Check the online casinos rules for Blackjack

When playing blackjack at some of the online casinos out there with a casino bonus is important to read their terms and condition. This is due usually when playing table games such as online blackjack, roulette or baccarat the wagering is just 0-10%. You can compare this to slots machines which most of them contribute 100 % towards the wagering requirement.

Today you can play online blackjack on most of the casinos online, both in a normal play mode, meaning that it is just you and the computer. If you want to make it a bit more realistic you can try to play blackjack online in one off the live casino rooms out there. This is a part of the casino industry which is growing in popularity all the time.