Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack

You will find when playing the single hand or multi hand Atlantic City Blackjack game online you are going to have a range of different wagering opportunities available to you. The rules for the player makes this game a fairly low house edge one when you play each hand optimally as per the perfect playing strategy for this game.

You can double down when playing this game on any two initial cards, irrespective of the value of those two cards and you can also double down after you have split any two cards. In total four hands card be formed by splitting as you can split a hand up to 3 times in total.

Should you have been dealt out an initial hand containing a pair of aces however you are only allowed to split them once and in addition to that rule you will only be dealt one card to any and all split aces. All pairs can be split and that includes any mix of 10 valued cards. You will also be allowed to take later surrender, taking this option will allow you to get paid back half of your initial stake wagered amount but your hand will be removed from the game.

Game Information

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    Atlantic City Blackjack
  • Stake Range:
    $1 - $250
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Stakes Payouts and House Edge

If you are interested in giving the Atlantic City Blackjack game some play time online then it is available as both a free play or real money game with the minimum stake being 1.00 and the maximum stake being 200.00. Being a Microgaming designed game that stake will be in one of many different currencies which you are given the option of choosing when you first sign up to any casino using their software platforms.

By following the best strategy for playing Atlantic City Blackjack you will get the house edge of this game down to 0.38%. The standard winning payouts are offered to players of this game which includes a 3 to 2 winning payout for a players blackjack hand, even money for all other winning hands and the payout for a winning insurance bet is 2 to 1.

Should you have split any ace or 10 valued card which gets dealt out alongside it a 10 or ace respectively be aware that if those hands are winning ones the payout is even money as they are not classified as blackjack paying hands.

Dealer Rules

The player and dealer rules attached to the game of Atlantic City Blackjack are not too complicated to understand, first and foremost this game is a Hole Card game and as such whenever the dealer is dealing out his hand one card is going to be dealt face up with his second card being dealt alongside that card face down.

You will find that whenever the initial card dealt out to the dealers hand is an Ace or any of the different 10 value cards he is going to take a peek at the down facing card to check his hand for blackjack, should the hand be a blackjack then he will reveal it straight away.

There are a total of eight full decks of playing cards in use on the game of Atlantic City Blackjack, unlike when you are playing this game in a land based casino venue, before a new hand is dealt out the decks are fully shuffled.

At all times when the dealer has been dealt out a 17 valued hand, whether a soft or hard 17 the dealer will stand those hands and any other hand of a higher value.


We have included on this web page a full strategy card for the game of Atlantic City Blackjack and would advise you to download it and make use of it when playing this variant online for it shows you how to play each hand you have been dealt out based on what the dealer has on show.

To give you a few pointers in regards to playing this popular regional variant blackjack game below are the ways to play a range of hands perfectly.

Late Surrender – You should give up your hand and get half of your stake returned to you from that hand when you have been dealt out a hard 16 valued hand if the dealer has on show a 9, 10 or ace card, and also when you have a hard 15 valued hand when the dealer has on show any 10 valued card.

Doubling Down – Any pair of 5’s or a 10 valued hand dealt out to you is the best time to double down when the dealer has on show a 9 or lower valued card, if the dealer hand a 10 or ace on show hit your hand instead. If, on any hand, you have an 11 valued two card hand then you should double down that hand but not when the dealer has an ace on show if so hit your hand.

There is one other time when you should double down a hand and pay for a third card and that is when the dealer has on show a 3, 4, 5 or 6 valued card and you are holding a 9 valued card, hit at all other times if the dealer is showing any other valued card when you have an initial two card 9 valued hand.

Hitting a Hand – You are best referring to the blackjack strategy card for the best times to hit your hand when playing Atlantic City Blackjack as there are quite a lot of times when that is the best strategic move to make. However, if you are dealt our a two card hand worth 5 to 8 in value no matter what initial facing up card the dealer is showing you should always hit those hands.

When to Stand – Much like the perfect blackjack playing strategy for hitting a hand, you will find that there are lots of hands that do need standing when they are dealt out, the easiest and combinations to remember that need standing are a pair of 10s, a soft 19 or soft 20 hand and any hand worth 17 or higher in value, not matter what initial face up card the dealer may be showing.

Insurance – The initial side bet wager pays out at odds of 2 to 1 when you have placed the insurance wager and the dealer ends up with a 10 and an ace as his initial two card hand. However, due to the enormous house edge attached to this particular optional side bet wager you should never place the insurance bet.

Blackjack Comps and Blackjack Bonuses

You will be earning comp points when playing Atlantic City Blackjack online, however the number of points awarded based on how much you are wagering will vary from casino site to casino site, as will the redemption rates for redeeming your comp points into playing credits.

Many casinos online have a slightly increased set of play through requirements attached to bonuses that are utilized on this blackjack game variant, and always be advised that some sites will not let you play this game with bonus credits, and as such you should always check you can use bonus funds on this blackjack game before you play.