Multi Tier Blackjack Comp Clubs

Multi Tier Blackjack Comp Clubs

The way in which the casino comp club is configured over at the Betway Casino site is as a multi tier comp club. That means that if you choose to play here and remain loyal to their casino site you are much more likely to rise up through the levels of that club by concentrating your real money blackjack efforts on their blackjack games, instead of changing casino sites you play at regularly.

The only thing that you are going to be able to exchange your comp points for when you have accumulated enough of them at Betway Casino is playing credits, however that may appeal to you instead of exchanging those points for merchandise or electronic goods which some other casino sites will allow you to swap your points for.

Below you will find a complete and definitive overview of what is going to be on offer to you via the comp club available at Betway Casino. Be aware that the name of their comp and loyalty scheme is Betway Plus and every single player who registers and then plays for real money is automatically enrolled into the Betway Plus loyalty scheme and will therefore instantly starting earning comp points when they start to play.

The Betway Plus Comp Club Explained

The way in which the Betway Plus casino comp club has been designed is relatively straight forward to understand. Each time you have placed 10.00 in wagers you are then going to be rewarded with a total of five comp points.

The more points that you earn the higher up their multi level comp club you will progress and by doing so you will find a range of additional extras are bestowed upon you.

You can redeem your accumulated comp points only once you have accumulated 5000 points or any increment of 5000 points and in exchange for those 5000 points you will be given 10.00 in playing credits.

Be aware though that the Betway Casinos comp club uses the Euro as its base currency and as such as this is a multi currency casino site if you are playing in a different currency then the spot exchange rate of the day will be used to award your casino credits.

Below is an overview of the six different tiers of the Betway Casinos comp club. Should you be looking for an online casino site at which to play at and are prepared to remain loyal to that site, then we think this is going to be an ideal casino at which to play at, as you will soon find yourself rising up through the ranks of their comp club if you do so.

Blue Tier – All newly registered playing at Betway Casino will start off in the Blue Tier and will be aiming to make it to the next tier of the comp club as there are no additional extras awarded to you when sat in this tier of their comp club.

Silver Tier – As soon as you have accumulated 5000 in comp points then you will be moved up into the Silver Tier of the comp club. As long as you accumulate at least 2500 points each month you will remain in this tier and by doing so you will earn an additional 25% in comp points than players playing in the Blue Tier.

Gold Tier – The bigger and better benefits of becoming a member of the Betway Casino site will soon become apparent when you make it into the Gold Tier of their multi tier comp club, for as soon as you have accumulated 25000 in comp points you will progress through to that level.

By playing their real money casino games in this tier you are instantly going to be earning 590% more comp points that players in the blue tier and as long as you manage to accumulate and earn 12500 comp points each month when in the Gold Tier you will remain in it.

Platinum Tier – If you manage to earn a total of 75000 comp points then you will move up to the next tier of the Betway loyalty club which is the Platinum Tier! You instantly start to earn 75% more comp points when in this level that you would as a Blue Tier member and by earning at least 37000 in comp points each month you will remain in this tier.

Diamond Tier – It may seem like a hard task to accumulate the 1,000,000 comp points that will enable you to move through to the next level of the Betway Plus comp club, however as you will be earning many more points on the previous level you may be actually surprised how quickly you do reach the Diamond Tier.

As soon as you do indeed reach this tier you are going to be earning 80% more comp points based on your real money wagers than you would as a member on the lowest Blue Tier, and as long as you manage to earn at least 50,000 points per month you will retain Diamond Tier status.

Privé Tier – The very highest tier of the Betway Plus comp club that you can reach is the Privé tier, and to secure yourself a place in this tier you must earn a total of 2,500,000 comp points. By reaching this tier however you will earn 90% more comp points that a Blue Tier member and you will need to amass at least 125,000 comp points each month to stay in this level of the comp club.

Ongoing Promotional Offers

It doesn’t matter in which tier of the Betway Casinos comp club you reach in regards to how many ongoing promotional offers you are going to have access to , as this leading online casino site is famed for giving new and loyal players some of the most generous bonuses and tailor made promotional offers.

So should you be a low stake or high stake player you will also get plenty of bonuses coming your way, however the higher the tier you make it into via their comp club the more free additional playing credits you will earn.