Play Blackjack to Earn Comps

Play Blackjack to Earn Comps

In addition to you being able to claim more bonuses and promotional offers online than you will ever get when you choose to visit any land based casino when playing online, you may be tempted to sign up to lots of different casino sites and make use of those bonuses, and no one would blame you for doing so.

However, as there are often lots of restrictions in place in regards to just what game you can play when using a bonus and bonus credits you should always ensure that you are actually able to play blackjack games with any bonus you have claimed and also check the stake levels that you can play such a game with as the rules of bonuses will vary from site to site.

There is of course one way to lock in plenty of additional playing value when you choose to play black games at any online or for that matter mobile casino site and that will be by you signing up to a site that has their own comp club in place.

Many casinos that share the same type of gaming platform and suite of games will tend to offer a standard rewards scheme which is going to see you earning the same number of comp points per wage you place along with having an identical redemption rate for turning your awarded comp point into playing credits.

But do hunt around for many casinos now have put in place a uniquely structured comp club and by comparing the comp clubs on offer at various online or mobile casino site you will often find one or two of them will give you many more comps based on you real money wagers and will also give you some very favorable redemption rates for turning out point into casino credits.

Below you will find an overview of what makes a comp club more appealing to players, and as such read through this overview and locate an online casino or mobile casino site that is offering you everything listed below, as by doing so you will get lots of additional playing value from your real money online or mobile blackjack action.

Comps per Wager – One thing you do need to make sure you are aware of is just how many comp points per wager you place are going to be awarded to you. The vast majority of online and mobile casino site for that matter will give you one or more comp points of making a certain number of wagers collectively when playing their real money casino games.

It doesn’t matter what game you play those comp points will still be credited to your comp club account balance, but compare the value of the comps as they will tend to be different from site to site and it goes without saying you will want to be placing at a site offering you the most comp points for the smallest amount of wagers placed at that site.

Redemption Rates – There can also be a world of difference in regards to the redemption rates offered by any online or mobile casino site for turning your accumulated comp points into real money playing credits so always try and select a casino site at which to play at that has a low redemption rate for turning your comp points into playing credits as by doing so you will then naturally be able to get the most free chips based on your real money gaming action. The redemption rates will tend to vary from site to site so.

Enhanced Comp Point Promotions – On certain days of the week you may find some online casino sites will increase the number of comp points that they are going to award to their players when they choose to play games such as blackjack at those sites for real money. With that in mind if you are planning on having a long playing session make sure you play at those sites offering this type of promotional offer as you will find the number of points eared can be two or even three times the usual amounts awarded.

Loyalty Bonus Offers – You could also find that as a member of some online casino sites that when you are a regular player there as part of that casino comp club you will be offered regular bonus offers and special promotional offers.

You may find yourself being offered deposit match bonuses quite often or you could be offered a cash back bonus when you play their blackjack or other casino games. However, quite a number of casinos sites will offer special days whereby you will be earning an increased number of comp points on every single reel money wager placed on their blackjack or other casino games.

So always be on the lookout for special promotional offers as often by making full use of them you will lock in a lot more additional playing value, which is something any real money casino game player will always want to do and to achieve.

Multi Tier Comp Clubs – Should you be a regular real money blackjack player then it is true to say that you are going to be much better off opting to play at an online casino site that has something known as a multi tier comp club.

When you find such a site and play there the more real money gaming action your give their blackjack games or in fact any of their other real money casino games the more comp points you will naturally earn through your high volumes of wagers, and that will then see you moving through the different tiers of their respective comp club.

The higher you get via those different comp club tiers the more comp points you will earn when playing real money casino games and you will also find the redemption rates offered in the higher tiers of any online casino comp or loyalty club or scheme will be much more generous the higher you do get.