Online Blackjack Sites That Take Prepaid Credit Cards

Online Blackjack Sites That Take Prepaid Credit Cards

Should you have found that you credit or debit card is being rejected by an online casinos banking interface and you are therefore unable to deposit funds into that account by using a debit or credit card then this is probably down to the fact that the card issuer has chosen, for legal reasons usually, not to permit their card users to be able to fund gambling accounts online with those cards.

However, should you like the peace of mind and security of using a debit or credit cards to make deposits into any casino account you will find that you can purchase a pre paid card from local stores and use those cards to fund your account.

Pre-paid cards have a much higher success rate in regards to be accepted by casinos sites that you may have been experience problems as when using your usually credit or debit card, and as such this is certainly an option to consider suing should you want to make instant deposits into your casino account to enable you to play blackjack or any other casino game online for real money.

Pros and Cons of Using a Prepaid Credit Card

Easy To Purchase – You are not going to experience any type of problems actually purchasing a pre paid card, for lots of retailers now sell them and you will be able to pick up one quite easily. Do be aware thought that you may have to pay a small one off free when purchasing a card and the price of the card whilst minimum will depend on just which one you have chosen to purchase, so shop around as the costs of the cards can vary quite significantly from shop to shop.

Limited Access to Funds – One of the problems some people will have if they use a debit or credit card to fund their casino accounts is that they may not have the will power to stop depositing when they are on a losing steak! However, as you are able to determine just how much cash you load onto any prepaid card then this will be an ideal card to use if you want to limit yourself in regards to how much you spend when gambling online, as you are only able to deposit funds into a casino site if those funds have been loaded onto the pre paid card you are using.

Find an Alternative Withdrawal Option – You may not be able to get your winnings sent back and loaded onto your pre paid card, and with that in mind before you do use such a card to make a deposit into any online casino account to play real money blackjack then always have in mind an option you will use to enable you to quickly and in a hassle free way get any and all winnings sent back to you. All casinos will have as standard a range of withdrawal options so finding one that suits you should not be too difficult.