Online Blackjack Sites That Take Amex Deposits

Online Blackjack Sites That Take Amex Deposits

American Express issues quite a number of different cards and as such if you have been given an Amex card of any type whether a credit or charge card then you may be considering using that card as a means of you being able to send money directly in an online casino account and use it to fund that account to play real money blackjack online, if so then please do read through this deposit and withdrawal guide for we will highlight both the pros and cons of using that card for such a purpose.

You will find that not every casino is going to allow you to fund your real money casino account using Amex, and one word of advice is that you should make sure the casino you are playing at is fully licensed and regulated and that will ensure the casino adheres to the highest industry standards.

It is often going to be dependent on where you live in regards to you being able to utilize an Amex Card as a deposit option, and with that in mind you should make sure you are familiar with your countries legal stance on online gambling, as some countries do not permit their citizens to play real money casino games online whilst some countries of the world have no problems allowing their citizens to play at fully licensed casinos.

Pros and Cons of Using Amex

Limited Casinos – As only a tiny number of online casinos will let you quickly and easily deposit into your account using an Amex Card then you may find yourself only being able to play at casinos using just one type of gaming platform and suite of casino games. So be prepared to shop around for a casino site that does accept Amex and a casino site that you like the look of and like the way their casino games play and pay.

Casino Account Verification – All online casino sites will want to ensure that you are the legal age to gamble at their sites and that if you use an Amex Card to funds your account with them the casinos will want to be 100% sure that the card is in your possession and is actually registered to you.

With this in mind do not be surprised if the casino requests that you send in a scanned copy of your Amex Card to allow them to verify your casino account, one thing you should do however when you are scanning or taking an image of your Amex Card is to blank out some of the digits on the cards for security reasons.

Making a Withdrawal – It is not always possible for you to have your winning cash outs returned to an Amex Card, and as such when you do decide you want to fund any online casino account with an American Express Card then you should make sure that there is going to be a withdrawal options on offer at that casino site that will enable you to request your winnings are sent back to you via a convenient method to you.