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You may or may not be aware that there are a large number of different Blackjack game variants available to online and mobile Blackjack players, and to give you a much deeper insight into the unique playing rules and often the unique set of winning payouts that can be achieved when playing each different variant we have individual Blackjack game reviews dotted around this website.

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Be aware that when you do decide to play online or mobile Blackjack games you are going to come across both single hand and Multi Hand Blackjack Games, however it is often the case that some of the games you will have access to will come with different rules in play and as such some multi hand games in particular may come with a much lower house edge than the single hand variants of those games.

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Standard Blackjack Game Variants

Let us start by introducing you to some of the more standard Blackjack game variants which you are going to be able to access for free or for real money at any of our featured casino sites. These games are all structured slightly differently and as such it will play dividends for you to find out just what each individual game has on offer, as by doing so we are fairly confident that you will find a game that suits your playing style.

Big Five Blackjack – The Big Five Blackjack game is a unique variant which is found in Microgaming powered online casino sites, this game offers the standard winning payouts but uses a shoe containing five decks of playing cards.

Classic Blackjack – The only way you are going to be able to have a much increased winning chance when you play online or mobile Blackjack games is to learn how to play each variant optimally and then locate and play the games offering the lowest house edge. The single hand Classic Blackjack game is currently the one variant offering players the lowest house edge, and as such this is the one game you should be hunting down and playing.

Double Exposure Blackjack – One Blackjack game variant that appeals to a lot of players is the Double Exposure variant, for when you choose to play this game you will find that the Dealers cards are always placed up facing when he deals them out, and as such you always will know just what value his hand is worth.

Regional Blackjack Game Variants

To give online Blackjack players as wide a choice of games to play, you will often find when logged into most online blackjack casinos you will find several of what are known as Regional Blackjack game variants on offer. These games are designed to replicate the playing rules of Blackjack games which are found in land based casinos in many different parts of the world.

With this in mind below you will find an overview of some of the most commonly available online Regional Blackjack game variants, and all of them will have their own set of game play rules in play some of which you may be used to due to those games being available in a land based casino near to where you live, or one that you regularly visit when on holiday or on vacation.

Atlantic City Blackjack – One of the main attractions of playing the Atlantic City Blackjack game is that you can take Late Surrender when playing it, this player option will give you the option of having half of your stake retuned to you when you give up your hand if you think it has no realistic chance of winning.

European Blackjack – Many players are used to the way that the European Blackjack game variant plays and pays for this is one of the most commonly found games in both land based as well as online and mobile casino sites. This game is one of the easiest games to learn and comes with a fairly low house edge.

Spanish Blackjack – There is something very unique about the Spanish Blackjack game and that is all of the 10 cards have been removed from the deck, so a slightly different playing strategy is required. But what this game does offer is a set of bonus winning payouts to players when they have been dealt out certain hand combinations, and no additional side bet wagers are required to be able to take advantage of those bonus payouts.

Vegas Strip Blackjack – Walk down the Strip in Las Vegas and you will come across plenty of different Blackjack games in each casino you choose to visit, however one of the most commonly available games found on the Strip is of course the Vegas Strip Blackjack game which is now available to play online.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack – Another area of Las Vegas where you are going to find some great valued Blackjack game variants on offer is the Downtown area, and we would like to introduce you to the online Vegas Downtown Blackjack game which we think may just appeal to you due to its very liberal game playing rules and playing structure.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack – You are going to find it is quite rare for any online Blackjack game to have just one single deck of playing cards in its cyber shoe, however that is exactly what you will find if you opt to play the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game variant online.

Online Blackjack Games with Bonus Payouts

When you choose to play some online Blackjack game variants you will have the chance of winning a payout worth more than the standard payout. However, it should be noted that when playing some variants offering a range of additional extra winning payouts sometimes you are required to place a side bet wager alongside your base game bet to have a chance of forming a special hand combination with your cards to receive that bonus payout.

Below are a range of online Blackjack games which offer you the chance of winning a bonus payout and some of these games will require a side bet wager to be placed upon them to receive those extra winning payouts whilst some of them require no bonus bet to be placed.

Bonus Blackjack – The first game which will see you being able to place an optional side bet wager in the hope you are dealt out one of the bonus payout hand combinations is the Bonus Blackjack game variant. You will have the chance of winning a 50 to 1 bonus bet payout when playing this game if your two initial cards are a Jack and Ace of Spades.

High Streak Blackjack – The optional side bet wager offered to you on the High Streak Blackjack game is going to award you with several different bonus winning payouts which are awarded to you as soon as you get two or more consecutive winning hands dealt out to you, the more consecutive winning hands you are dealt out the higher that bonus payout will become.

HiLo 13 Blackjack – There are three optional side bet wagers that you are going to be able to place alongside your base game wager when playing the Hi Low 13 Blackjack game and those wagering opportunities will see you trying to guess whether the first two cards dealt out to you will be higher than 13, lower that 13 or worth exactly 13 in value.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack – There are three different bonus payouts which can be won for placing just one single side bet wager on the Perfect Pairs Blackjack game variant, these will see you hoping that the first two cards dealt out to you will be a pair of cards that either are a mixed colour a matching colour or both cards are the same colour and suit.

Super Fun 21 Blackjack – Another very unusual Blackjack game which may appeal to you is the Super-Fun 21 Blackjack game variant. When you are playing this game no bonus side bet wager is needed, however when your final hand contains one of several different sets of playing cards a huge range of bonus winning payouts can be awarded to you one of which is worth 50 times you base game staked amount.

Triple 7’s Blackjack – One final game that may appeal to you if you want to have the chance of winning what could turn out to be a life changing win off one single hand is the Triple 7’s Blackjack game. When playing this game you are obliged to place a side bet on which a huge progressive jackpot paying base game hand could be dealt out to you.

Online Blackjack With Live Dealers

With the advancements made when it comes to finer optics Internet connections and the ability to stream videos we have seen a great number of online casinos offering blackjack games with real dealers that are broadcasted live to your computer. We are in the process of building a strategy section focusing on these games but until then we suggest you visit www.blackjacklivedealer.com where they have plenty of information about these types of games and where you can play them.